I know Jerry from Toronto

Born in Toronto, discovered in Paris, based in Antwerp.

Specialty coffee subscriptions with a touch of art.


Born in Toronto,discovered in Paris,based in Antwerp.

That's a good question!

Jerry was born in 1978, Toronto.He doesn't carry so many memories from Toronto though.

Jerry and his parents, younger sister, and brother used to move so often that he almost lost count.
His mother was a painter, they called her the Van Gogh of Toronto.
His father was a carpenter.
When he was 18 he started his trip around the globe.
As Jerry has met a lot of people and visited a lot of coffee shops there is a chance that you already saw Jerry or even met him, as did I!
In 2015, Paris I had my first encounter with Jerry.
Walking trough Rue Saint-Honoré me and my baguette were soon accompanied by unknown whispers!
The whispers were saying “I know Jerry from Toronto:”
A crazy hobo scared my baguette so I was left alone trying to comprehend the stranger. I gave up soon and went home where my baguette waited for me.
Later that day I left my hotel but he was still there, sitting on the same spot. Still whispering but this time I managed to hear him out: “We’re the artists”.
These words have been stuck in my head until I met him again in 2019 in Antwerp.
This time in a coffee shop, without the hobo look and without the whispering obviously not scaring me or my baguette with the mumble talk.
Out of curiosity, I decided to approach him.
We started talking and at first, he didn’t recognize me but the moment I mentioned my memory of him in Paris something hit the switch button.
He told me he finally realized who he was and what his dreams were.
“Jerry from Toronto”
“We’re the artists”
We! The people who create things.
Coffee farmers, roasters, graphical and print artists. I will start in Antwerp while Jerry is traveling to continue the search for more artists. I hope you will enjoy this journey with us as we do!

We're the artists!
The artists

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