I know Jerry from Toronto

Born in Toronto, discovered in Paris, based in Antwerp.

Specialty coffee subscriptions with a touch of art.


In theyear 2022

That's a good question!

We're the artists!
The artists of

May 2022

Visiting coffeeshops 😉 in Amsterdam (NL). Walking around in the green in the middle of the city and figuring out typography Warsaw(PL). Visit galleries, admire street art and sip blissful coffee in Brno (CZ).

Logo dziurka typography

Paweł Dziurka

Logo Badeta koffiebranders

Badeta Koffiebranders

logo QB coffee roasters

QB Coffee Roasters

logo Bracia Ziolkowscy

Bracia Ziółkowscy

The artists of

April 2022

Spotting Unicorns in Brasschaat (BE) Visiting a new town/village in Kisvárda (HU) Enjoying the Rwanda season in Nitra (SK) And our first light roasted coffee in Lyon (FR).


Fleur & Roselien

Logo Warda coffee

Warda Coffee

Logo Placid roasters

Placid Roasters

logo Bean Up

Bean Up Coffee

The artists of

March 2022

I’ve never seen so many spray cans and colors together (NL), a collab in (BE), catching the sun in (ES), and what the HMMM doughnuts with our coffee in (NO)!

logo Karski


Logo Klik

Klik & Dick

logo Ineffable

Ineffable Coffee Roasters

logo talormade


The artists of

February 2022

We cannot get enough of Brno (CZ)⁠ And how are you brewing? in Warsaw (PL) To Heidelberg (DE) and Bratislava (SK) for the enjoyment of art!

logo jannik stegen

Jannik Stegen

triplefive logo


logo jokes aside coffee

Jokes Aside Coffee

Logo Haybe specialty coffee

Hayb Coffee

The artists of

January 2022

Luckily we did not get lost in Brno (CZ)⁠
So that with a small stop in the mountains Dunajska Luzna (SK) we can return to our familiar places Antwerp (BE) to welcome the artwork of JERRY⁠



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We sell specialty coffee,
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