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In the year 2023

the artists of December 2023

Go ...⁠

Go to the mountain if you must⁠

Go to the burning bush⁠

If it would ease your troubled mind..⁠

Starting from our resident Mountain roaster in the Scandinavian Alps (NO) to a newfound companion in the Julian Alps (SL) to end in the valley at the foot of Lindenberg Mountain (CH).

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logo Jerry


Logo Scandinavian Alps Coffee Roasters

Scandinavian Alps coffee roasters

Logo Crni Zrno

Črno Zrno

Logo 400mg


the artists of November 2023

Making art in South London (UK), coffee stories in Vilnius (LT). We met the fox of coffee in Hohengoeft (FR) and talked again with our friends from Tübingen (DE).

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Logo Martyna Makes

Martyna Makes

Logo Renart


Logo Crooked nose & coffee stories

Crooked nose & coffee stories

Logo Suedhang Kaffee


the artists of October 2023

Winning in Antwerp (BE), coffee half French and half Belgian in Antwerp (BE). A conspiracy of flavor in Bratislava (SK), and turning our ordinary mornings into extraordinary adventures in Budapest (HU).

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Logo Jonajune


Logo Dok 36

Dok 36

Logo Black


Logo Ktrl


the artists of September 2023

I can't help but ask, "What's the story behind this?” in Tenerife (IC). Watch the rain turn into an art show in Dublin (IE), not drinking an ordinary cup of joe in London (UK), and have our morning cup in the bicycle-filled streets of Utrecht (NL). 

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Logo Jhon Boy

Jhon Boy

Logo Cloud Picker

Cloud Picker

Logo Dark Arts

Dark Arts

Logo Keen Coffee


the artists of August 2023

Yes, I can FEEL it in Bratislava (SK). Rebelling in Brno (CZ), visiting a trendy neighborhood full of pastel-colored art-deco buildings in Prague (CZ), and a nice clean cup of coffee at Kasette Koffie of them in Prague (CZ).

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Logo Pressink


Kristína Uhráková

Logo Rebelbean


Logo Dos Mundos

Dos Mundos

Logo La Boheme Cafe

La Bohème Cafe

the artists of July 2023

Completing our sunbathing collection in Porto (PT), coffee with the two brothers of Stromiec (PL), hard time choosing from the samples in Warsaw (PL), to finish with an unusual amount of beans in Warsaw (PL).

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logo tina siuda

Tina Siuda

logo lacava

La Cava

logo Bracia Ziolkowscy

Bracia Ziolkowscy

Logo Heresy


the artists of June 2023

Having Fun in Portslade-by-Sea (UK), a personal dropoff from Mechelen (BE), mind-blowing coffee in Szczecin  (PL) and celebrating the birthday of "Kasette Koffie", of course with the Elephant in Berlin (DE)

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logo yuk fun

Yuk Fun

logo Otara Kava

Otara Kava

logo mamam


logo five elephant

Five Elephant

the artists of May 2023

Everybody knows "Don Coffee" even in Sevilla (ES), roasting our own coffee in Antwerp (BE) and not one but two chemists reinventing the "black mass" in Beaufays (BE) and Gdańsk (PL)!

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ana jaren logo

Ana Jarén

Logo Normo


logo the picky chemist

The Picky Chemist

Logo Nieczapla


the artists of April 2023

Playing basket on top of artwork in Hoelbeek (BE), coffee on an Island in Dunajská Streda (SK), meeting old and new friends at the Amsterdam coffee festival from Warsaw (PL) and Bucharest (RO).

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logo lindert steegen

Lindert Steegen

logo rye island

Rye Island

logo hayb


logo mabo


the artists of March 2023

We are looking for Poesjes in Salvador Bahia (BR). One Drop of this coffee on my taste buds convinced me in Rosersberg (SE). Angels are crying on our tongues in Zurich (CH). And again we seek female coffee advice in Maramures (RO). 

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logo altijd poesjes

Altijd Poesjes

logo arusha


logo mame


logo drop


the artists of February 2023

Wise words and black and white birds in Mechelen (BE), feeling home in Tallinn (ES), having the fruitiest and tastiest Brazil in Pécs (HU) and finding the four elements of nature in Šahy (SK).

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logo gijs vanhee

Gijs Vanhee

logo kokomo


logo Cracker Jack

Cracker Jack

logo coffeein


the artists of January 2023

No artist this month  :-( but the prime example of how art and coffee are the perfect combinations in Bratislava (SK), Instantly sold by the branding and even more by their coffee in Farsta (SE) and having one of our best cupping sessions ever so far in Emmerich am Rhein (DE).

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logo Jerry

Sorry, No Artist!

logo triple five

Triple Five

logo lykke


Logo van Guelpen

Van Gülpen

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