I know Jerry from Toronto

Born in Toronto, discovered in Paris, based in Antwerp.

Specialty coffee subscriptions with a touch of art.



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Berchem - Belgium


It looks so real and yet if you look closer you can see the brush strokes.Dead, flesh and hyper-realistic.These contemporary paintings can fascinate me.New to me but not to the world!

Were you enthusiastic about painting from a young age?Or how did you get started?

As a child I was already very fascinated by observing and drawing.
I always knew that I wanted to go in an artistic direction,
I made the choice for painting when I went to study at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp

Impressive your works!Up close, your paintings are not as "finely painted" as first thought - and seen from far?

In my work I ask questions about the relationship between photography, reconstruction, painting and interpretation.
A work must be fascinating from ten meters, but also from ten centimeters away.

When you take a closer look, the image falls apart in different marks and brushstrokes;
from a distance, the paintings seem more photo-realistic.

How do you start a painting?Randomly, or do a lot of pre-studies precede it?Explain your workflow a little bit if you have one.

Everything starts with collecting objects to process a certain concept into an image.
I will compose and photograph these.
I process the photographic material with an image editing program, make different prints and already research the direction of the colors in my head.
After determining the correct format, a monotone underpainting is made on the canvas.
When it is dry, the actual painting begins.

It seems that there is always death incorporated in your paintings,is there a reason for this?

Death is an essential part of life,
life is fragile and being reminded of this vulnerability can remind us to live life at the fullest.
Memento Mori versus Carpe Diem.

Have you ever created a work that had anything to do with coffee?

Not yet.

In addition to painting yourself, you also teach.Can you tell us a bit more about this?

Teaching is a great way to interact with people,
watching them grow and support them as they develop their capabilities.

You have already had exhibitions all over the world.How do they find their way to you?

One thing leads to another.

You live in Berchem correct?Are there any places you can recommend to visit?

The Harmonie Park area has become a very nice neighborhood,
we have the  brewery “De Koninck” close to the parc which houses some quality shops, from chocolate to cheese. While further on your way towards the station,
you can find the Groen Kwartier,
a traffic-free neighborhood with a mix of a residential area with new and historic buildings,
a couple of shops, top and more budget restaurants and also an urban farm on the rooftops.

Do you like coffee yourself?

Only recently I started to drink coffee mixed with oatmilk,
a delicious combination if you ask me.

postcard cindy wright

July Box – GARDEN
Digital print
Oil on linen
135 x 200 cm

"Thank you for your attention and enjoy your coffee."

Riga - Latvia


Almost all of this land is covered with green gold.No sh*t Sherlock they don't lie, even though the world's greatest liar - Hieronymus Karl Friedrich Freiherr von Münchhausen was born here.I would have liked to meet him in real life!But we are here for the black gold of Kalve coffee from Riga.

How did you fall in love with coffee?

It took a while. I used to drink cheap coffee during my university studies, when I was living in the dormitory.
Until then I never drank it at all.
For a long time I drank coffee out of habit and never enjoyed the taste of it.
That kept going for years until I finally visited a proper coffee shop and had a latte – which opened my eyes to what coffee can taste like.
Since then it’s been more than love, it’s been like a healthy obsession.
It only took one sip of a really well made drink.

Do you think coffee roasting can be seen as a form of art?

For me, coffee roasting is mostly a practical application. We work with heat transfer, densities, solubility, physical changes within the beans and so on, and we apply know-how to make sure we do it right.
However, there is art in that as well – it turns out that coffee that is roasted beautifully, with steady,
stable roast curves and directional lines that are smooth, and not hectic, ends up being delicious as well.
And each coffee needs an individual approach, with individual profiles.
So there is beauty in practicality.

What is coffee to you?

From a practical perspective – it’s a stimulant, it keeps me focused.
Usually in the mornings, unless the coffee is really bad, I don’t even notice what I’m drinking.
But when I work with coffee, I take a completely different approach.
Then coffee for me is like a galaxy – untapped potential, unexplored opportunities and infinite elements waiting to be found by growing, sourcing, roasting and cupping.

What are your recommendations for storing coffee beans so they stay fresh as long as possible?

If it’s an everyday coffee, just keep it on the counter in its original packaging,
sealed and away from temperature fluctuations and direct sunlight.
If it’s a coffee you want to savor – vacuum pack it in small single batch doses and put it in the freezer, take them out only before prep and brew immediately.

Rivers, wild boar, Eurasian beavers, brown bears and much architecture.But what should we really come here for?

Come here for the unexplored beauty that hides behind every corner.
We may only have a few grand monuments or buildings to see, but the beauty of our country hides in every nook and cranny.
Explore outside of the city, as we are a people of nature – and we do our best to nourish and preserve it.
We have an ancient culture that hides beyond the borders of the capital, and we encourage everyone to explore it.

Bag of coffee beans of kalve

COLOMBIA – Chapata Estandar
Region: Caldas – Anserma
Altitude: 1800masl
Variety: Castillo
Process: Natural
⁠Tasting notes: Intense, sweet, and boozy, notes of dark cherries, ripe apricots, and dried plums.

"All of us, people of the world, are much more similar than we are different. So let’s appreciate each other for our similarities and respect each other for our differences."

Bag of coffee beans of napar

KENYA – Gakuyu-Ini
Region: Kirinyaga
Altitude: 1572masl
Process: Washed
Variety: SL-28, SL-34, Batian, Ruiru 11
Tasting notes: Tea rose, grapefruit, black currant

Toruń - Poland


One of the seven wonders of Poland.And famous for their gingerbread!It is also called Little Kraków.What is also great about this city: it is full of murals.Combine this with coffee from Napar and your day becomes a perfect one!

How was Napar born?

Michał and Emilia met, fell in love with great coffee and amazing homemade cakes, and months later their first child, Napar coffee shop was born.
One year of existence, one lockdown and many, many calls with Bartek (our humble master roaster) later the idea of a coffee roastery started to emerge.
After many difficult cuppings, coffee roaster setups, roasting curve profiling, design and supply chain battles in january 2022 roastery had its debut.
The rest is history, as they say.

What makes Napar Coffee different from other coffee?

We deeply care about making our coffees the most approachable – we start by selecting beans, which result in a complex, yet smooth and sweet cup of coffee, and we roast them the we believe lets the coffee thrive, no matter if it’s being brewed in coffee shop, or at home.

Do you think coffee roasting can be seen as a form of art?

But we believe it’s very important to have our artistic tools in check,
so we can express our art the way we would love to 🙂

What is coffee to you?

A craft, a journey of non stop exploration, growth and fun.

In your city, there are many walls covered with street art.Are there many events organised here?

Street art can be found in many spots in Toruń – either organised or more spontaneous.
One can find a few in between streets of Old Town (f.e. Super Mario themed graffiti).
There are many blocks of flats, which walls are covered in murals.
Mostly they are local themed murals (historical figures, ecology, astronomy, architecture of Toruń), or lifestyle (cycling, partying, street life).

How would you describe the coffee scene in Toruń?

Very consistent, thriving, and constantly growing.
Creative and caring about great customer experience.

Do you think there is a link between coffee and art?

Design, style, music, passion, expression, emotions, and sooo many others are both part of coffee culture and art. And the most important link between both is a human being, that bridges, creates and enjoys both worlds, that are constantly overlapping.
And don’t forget about latte-art ofc 😉

"Eat your vitamins, remember to call your mom, support your local caffeine dealers and be gentle to other beings :)"

Madrid - Spain


According to legend, the original name of this town was "Ursaria", a reference to the large number of bears that once lived in the area.If you are looking for a vitamin D or a caffeine shot, we recommend you come here.Not only green oases in abandoned railway stations but there are surprises around every corner, like Randall coffee

Through what experience did you first become interested in coffee?

I heard about specialty coffee and micro-roasters in a non-romantic way,
reading a business book (as I was interested in starting up something) and the experience of the author starting off in business where he micro-roasted coffee helped me discover the specialty coffee scene in US,
northern Europe and the UK, where I’m from originally.

Do you think coffee roasting can be seen as a form of art?

Yes I do,
In the same way cooking can be considered art, you can express yourself through the process and give the coffee the flavors and characteristics that you want it to have, although it all has to come from a good raw material, quality specialty coffee.

What is coffee to you?

Coffee is something that gives me comfort for its smell and daily routine aspect but also excites me with its very diverse flavors and ways to prepare it.
Also on a more profound note it has made me able to earn a living on my own terms and with something I enjoy being part of.

The quest for art and coffee keeps going for Jerry.Can you recommend some places in Madrid where we can find them?

Madrid has had a huge explosion of coffee shops in the last few years,
but some awesome places with our coffee are Novo Mundo, Frutas Prohibidas, Ruda café and Pastora to name a few…
and I also will mention some of the best and first coffee shops in Madrid like Hanso Café, Hola Coffee, Monkee Koffee and Toma Café.

Outside of coffee, what are your interests?

The business and a family with two kids take up most of my time but I enjoy music, travel, watching movies and staying fit.
Scuba diving, snowboarding or hardcore/punk shows were a bit more of my wild kid-less days!

Your coat of arms is truly unique,A bear reaching for a strawberry tree.Do you think this has something to do with your super delicious coffee? :-)

Well really it is a madroño tree, arbutus I think it is in english…
like a rough-to-the-touch cherry… so,
yes, it seems to be very similar to a coffee tree and the bear reaching out to get his fix.

Bag of coffee beans of randall

Guatemala – Piedra Azul
Region: Huehuetenango
Altitude: 1850m – 1900m
Process: Washed
Variety: Caturra and Bourbón
⁠Tasting notes: Raspberry and plum flavors and a clean sweetness and oily body. Very balanced medium acidity and an aftertaste of black tea

"Thanks for the opportunity to reach out to other coffee enthusiasts a bit further away from where we normally attend, and we always love to see the common ground that speciality coffee opens to people from all around the world, all sharing our interest in good coffee."