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Line up June Box 2022
Tübingen - Germany


BREW was written out of necessity,to clearly explain the basics of brewing coffeein a technical and informative way that canbe easily applied into practice.The approach is rooted deeply in the processof analysis through tasting and using mindfully chosen tools.From ‘What?’ to ‘Why?’ to ‘How?’ it aims to bring more clarity,and elevate your skills.

Mikolaj Pociecha Brew book

June Box – BREW
Author: Mikolaj Pociecha
Design: Zweifel
Publisher: Suedhang
Binding: Hardcover, cloth binding
Dimensions: 95×150 mm, 72 pages
Language: English

"The format and design, although beautiful are very functional. BREW in it's essence is very simple, practical and honest."

Tübingen - Germany


Never been or heard of this place before!But while drinking coffee and enjoying the book that came with it.Jerry realized that he should definitely investigate this place.We will start at the beginning, getting familiar with the roaster and the artist.Iconic bridges, rivers and botanical gardens we find here in Tübingen Germany.

We are so happy to have you in our box this month,
your coffee and your book!
Can you tell us some more of the book?

At SUEDHANG, we are fortunate to have many passionate people on our staff,
like our head barista and roaster Mikolaj Pociecha.
He said that he wrote ​​BREW out of necessity,
to clearly explain the basics of brewing coffee in a technical and informative way that can be easily applied into practice.
His  approach is rooted deeply in the process of analysis through tasting and using mindfully chosen tools.

Who made the illustrations in the book?

Again a stroke of luck that we could win Simon Wahlers for us.
He (see https://www.zweifel.jetzt/) is responsible for our entire design and gives our coffee and our company a unique puristic face.

Germany is best known for its coffee in Berlin.
How did you start roasting in Tübingen?

We fought our way through a jungle of bureaucratic rules and hurdles until we got the permit.
After all, we roast in a heritage-protected medieval town.
We have started up roasting at the beginning of the first Corona lockdown.

Where did you learn the art of roasting?

Robin learned roasting at Elbbold in Hamburg.
He introduced Mik and Anna to roasting here in Tübingen.
In the meantime, we exchange ideas and concepts about the roasting craft with other roasters as Elbgold, Hoppenworth & Ploch, and Daniel Hobart.
So that we keep on learning.

Coffee and art it looks like it works for Suedhang,
what do you think about this combination?

Yes. In a way, both are unnecessary.
You don’t need art or coffee.
But that’s not true either.
As humans, we need places of devotion, tranquility, wonder and contemplation.
Thus, we hope that we can make a – one could say a meditative – contribution.

If someone were to go to Tübingen,
what are the hidden jewels in your area?

A boat trip on the young Neckar. With a gondolier.
Venice doesn’t stand a chance.

if you could invite one person for a coffee who would it be and why?

Ursula van der Leyen.
I would like to talk to her about why the EU is so unambitious when it comes to climate protection and how we can achieve more impact here.

Bag of coffee beans of Suedhang Kaffee

ECUADOR – Chakra Warmi
Region: Loreto, Orellana
Altitude: 350-550masl
Variety: Napo Payamino
Process: Low-oxygen fermentation
⁠Tasting notes: Passion fruit, mango, caramel

"Here’s my favourite quote by Dave Eggers. It applies to all what you do: “You won’t be disappointed unless you are usually disappointed in which case this will be yet another disappointment."

Bag of coffee beans of Goriffee

COLOMBIA – Arley Calderon
Region: Huila
Altitude: 2000masl
Process: Honey
Variety: Pink Bourbon
Tasting notes: Raspberry, cloves, lemon

Bratislava - Slovakia


In the beginning, we were afraid of not finding enough roasters and would put each one in the box twice a year.Now we are happy to welcome the occasional old friend.They are multi-artists and have given us a lot of good advice.For the second time, we welcome Goriffee from Bratislava.

We are pleased that Goriffee is back in the box this month!
For our new subscribers, please introduce yourselves briefly.

We´re glad to be back as well!

We are a coffee roastery based in Bratislava, Slovakia with one cafe also in Bratislava.
We focus on giving our customers the best product by
constant green coffee selection and focusing on getting
the best out of our coffees by roasting and quality control.

Looking back, what would you like to know or do when you started roasting coffee?

Would find a larger space for the roastery and know that it is mostly the coffee itself that makes coffee good.

What do you think is the major misconception about specialty coffee?

The fresher roast the better.

Jerry loves the t-shirt design Martina Pauková created for Goriffee.
He wears it alot ;-).
Do you have any other artists that you have collaborated with?

The  other desings are made by Peter Škrovan and Michal Sumichrast 🙂

The gorilla in your logo, what does it stand for?

As we started with coffees directly from Rwanda and had connections to Rwanda we decided to make it our signature and that’s how our name was created.

"I would like to thank you for the opportunity to present ourselves and wish you all the  best. To your customers: Hope you'll enjoy and appreciate every cup of  specialty coffee. I use to say it is not only about coffee but also about where, when and with whom you drink it :) "

Jílové u Prahy - Czech Republic


People came here to look for gold.But Jerry found something even better.... black gold!A town in the West Prague district of the Czech Republic.The owners of this roastery have won many competitions.We liked the coffee AND the dog-artwork on their bags.We hope you do too!

You already have a long history in the coffee business,
but why did you start your own roastery?

It is Scott Rao’s fault 😀 And it was kind of the next step for us,
we did a lot of competing, judging,
we both had a coffee shop and now we do barista trainings.
And this was another missing piece of a puzzle,
we wanted to learn something new,
and Scott offered his help and taught us how to roast.

I hear you have a special security team guarding your roastery?
Is this true?

We do! We have two small (but loud) and cute sausage dogs, Jenny and Mája.
You cannot enter the roastery without their allowance.
You can also find them on our packaging.

What is your favorite coffee origin?

Me (Petra) like natural Etiopians, and lately natural and washed Colombians.
Gwilym prefers washed Ethiopians.
But it also depends on the time of the year.
At this moment we have some delicious Costa Ricans, Rwandan…

You have participated in and won many competitions.
Are you still competing?

Because of the whole covid time we stopped traveling and we do not judge and compete anymore.
Also we are busy with the roastery and the classes,
and there is no more free time to do so.
Maybe again in the future.

Who comes up with the graphics of the dogs on your bags?

We have a graphic boy from Brno who did the basic idea,
and we are adding more and more with the limited edition
such as Naughty Unicorn, Spring, Summer editions.

We already know many things to visit in Prague,
but what in your neighborhood?

Our town was famous in the middle ages,
there were a lot of gold mines.
You can visit a few, we also have an amazing restaurant called Florian – they cook very good Czech meals and the place looks a bit like from the Game of thrones.

Bag of coffee beans of the Naughty Dog

COSTA RICA – Alma Negra
Region: Sabanilla de Alajuela
Process: Natural
Variety: Caturra
⁠Tasting notes: Nutella, raisins, rum, black cherries

"We are very happy to be part of your subscription! It is for the first time our coffee will be sent to Belgium! "