I know Jerry from Toronto

Born in Toronto, discovered in Paris, based in Antwerp.

Specialty coffee subscriptions with a touch of art.



coffee line up May box 2022
Warsaw - Poland


This city known for its bars, restaurants, art galleries and,above all, dozens of museums and extensive greenspaces,with parks covering around a quarter of the city's surface.Here we run into Paweł Dziurka a Lettering Artist & TypeDesigner.Jerry finds it fascinating what can be done with letters…Warsaw was once described as the Paris of the East andwas considered one of the most beautiful cities in theworld until the Second World War, which left more than85% of its buildings in ruins.

What originally made you want to become
a Lettering Artist & Type Designer?

From primary school I was obsessed with graffiti!
When I went to art school it became even more obvious
that letters can be so much more than it seems at first.
Graffiti together with calligraphy and lettering gave me a
beautiful perspective- rules and craft combined with
unlimited creativity and abstract thinking!

How do you start your project?

I start manually with thousands of drafts…
I do it unlit I find a shape that gets my attention.
Intuitively I know that this is it and I start to build
from that.

Who or what has been the biggest single influence on
your way of thinking?

I am most inspired by letters themselves!
With how they are placed within a word – each pair has a
very unique relationship..
and believe it or not, they talk to me.
It’s almost like I feel how they want to be represented.
The shape of the letter is a starting point, inspiration –
from that I start a journey into abstraction, sometimes not
even caring too much if they are still readable or not.
They become images, abstract paintings.

On which types of project do you prefer to work?

Typo projects with absolute freedom and trust from the client!

Warsaw is a wonderful city.
Do you easily find new projects here as
a Lettering Artist & Type Designer?

I like to believe it’s the opposite-
that the projects find me 🙂
Also, I do not limit myself to Poland,
I’m lucky enough letters are at the heart
of every language.

Besides your work,
what are you passionate about?

All visual art! I collect cameras, albums, posters.
I love watching how many forms reality
can take in a hand of a creative person.

Jerry knows that you are also a big coffee lover.
Where do you go for your daily coffee fix?

I will be very honest- I start my day by having an
aero pressed coffee in my own kitchen!

Sticker dziurka typography

May box
Medium: Silkscreen print
Specs: (700x1000mm), unframed⁠
Edition: limited 2×15 (numbered)⁠
250gr white paper⁠


"I want to say I am super happy to be a part of this initiative! Good coffee and good art are the definition of pleasure."

Amsterdam - The Netherlands


It has more canals than Venice and more bridgesthan Paris, no wonder they call it Venice of the north.They have over 300 coffee shops here!Oooh wait, this is a different kind of coffee shops ;-)But still, the specialty coffee scene is big here.Thousands of parakeets love it here and decided to stayand so did we!Badeta koffiebranders is providing you with coffee thismonth.

Hi, what is your first memory with coffee?

My first memory of coffee takes place at my grandma’s house.
She had a porcelain grinder on her wall.
Every time we visited she poured in some ‘Douwe Egberts’ beans and started grinding them.
It was a returning ritual and the aroma of Douwe Egberts reminds me of my grandma.

What is the funniest thing that you have experienced
during your coffee career?

Me and my companion were on a coffee trip in El Salvador.
We just in a wobbly car, driving up the hill over winding roads to visit a coffee farm.
After three hours we arrived at the farm just to discover that all the coffee plants were dead and there was nothing to see over there.
However, there was a man up the hill preparing a delicacy over a campfire.
At least, that’s what I thought.
I tried the dish without asking more and I didn’t like the taste or structure.
The guides and drives who were with us, also didn’t take a bite, which kind of worried me.
After I emptied my mouth I was told it wasn’t a delicacy; it was a rattlesnake.

Other than roasting coffee,
what are the other facets in coffee that interest you?

Referring to Jerry’s coffee shop joke in the intro:
I always find it a funny idea to think that in fact you are a legal drug dealer 🙂
People need their caffeine, myself included.

Do you have an uncommon habit or hobby
that you love?

Not really.
Quite normal peeps over here.
Love the beach, but not doing anything uncommon over there.

Jerry could make it to the Amsterdam coffee festival.
Did you see some interesting new things?

We saw the Tone Nitro Solution at the ACF.
We were able to borrow it for some time and used it for our cold drip at first.
Very easy to use machine and gives a nice twist to our already existing cold drip.
But the best thing was: we had just opened our third location and threw an opening party.
We switched up the cold drip with our pre made Espresso Martini Mix and it was the best party starter next to our smoke machine and lasers (maybe the ACF can also introduce these).

coffee bag of Badeta

PERU – Lupuna
Region: Tsachopen Oxapampa
Altitude: 1850masl
Variety: Caturra, Costarica95
Process: Washed
⁠Tasting notes: Clove, nutty, chocolate

"Visit us in Amsterdam for a knap bakkie pleur!"

coffee bag of Bracia Ziolkowscy

KENYA – Mburi
Region: Kirinyaga County Bean
Altitude: 1700 – 1900masl
Process: Washed
Variety: SL28, SL34
Tasting notes: Currant, oranges, red apple

Warsaw - Poland


Walking around in the green in the middle of the city.Imagine this with a delicious coffee freshly brewedby the brothers of Bracia Ziolkowscy.We all need to go to Warsaw and experience this!

I can't imagine what it would be like to work with a brother.
How is this working out between you?

We get this question quite often.
Our PR department advised us to respond to it by saying – “our cooperation could not be smoother.
It is both fruitful and satisfying”.
But to be honest it’s a mixed bag.
On the one hand, there is not one person in the world that can annoy you so effortlessly as your brother (or a sibling, but there are just two of us, so that’s the experience we have ).
There is always a risk that a business discussion can morph into a shouting match of a kind that we used to have back in the early ‘90.
Fortunately, it doesn’t happen more than once a year.
On the flip side, we know each other pretty well.
We know how the other one works, how he thinks and reacts to the world.
We know what our goals are and they are pretty similar which makes it easier to make all kinds of decisions.
Also (sorry for the clichée) we complement each other really well, as we always have.
One is a well-organized, meticulous CEO, the other a little impulsive, passionate Head of Coffee.
So, it works ok, we guess.

If a career in coffee was not an option,
what job would you be doing?

The Older Brother says: farming.
The Younger one once applied (unsuccessfully) for a job as a postman at a research station in Antarctica – maybe there will be a job opening again?
If those weren’t available, we might have to go back to our previous careers.
The Older Brother used to work as a philosophy researcher before working for various e-commerce companies.
The Younger Brother had a tumultuous post-university life, having worked as an activist, a journalist and a psychologist at a psychiatric hospital.

What is the best experience you guys have had so
far in the specialty coffee industry?

Cupping our first good batches of specialty filter coffees.
A Rwanda natural, a Kenya and a Guatemala washed.
We’ve had a lot of coffees since then, many of which were better scoring beans, more unusual processes and so on.
But those first batches, those first brewed cups were so exhilarating.
There was a feeling – we can do this! We can not only buy other people coffees but also roast them well enough.

What's your advice for people learning to taste coffee better?

The simplest one – try to taste coffees with many different people.
Talk as much as possible about what you feel.
Works for us.

Jerry loves Warsaw!
What hidden spots can you recommend to us?

The right bank of the Vistula river opposite the Old Town. It’s far more natural than the left bank, you can have a bonfire there, sit by the water, watch boars and herons and more.
You might also like a small part of the city behind Ujazdowski Park.
It’s a collection of wooden Finnish houses that were put up there just after the war for the workers of city Reconstruction Office when the whole city was in ruins.
Nowadays it’s a place for cultural events and ngos, so you can find many exciting low-key events there, with a series of summer alternative concerts being our favourite.

"Pffffff. Washed coffees will have a huge comeback one day. Younger Brother’s nickname in high school was Jerry (true story). And have fun drinking our Kenya!"

Brno - Czech Republic


Oh yes indeed! We will hang around here untilwe have caught them all ;-)Visit galleries, admire street art and sip blissful coffee.Mug after mug after mug!QB Coffee will certainly help us with this.

The roastery's name, what is the story behind it?

Our brand name comes from the italian abbreviation q.b. (quanto basta) which loosely translates as ‘to taste’.
It spoke to us not only for it´s design potential, but mainly because it captures our philosophy.
We like to create our products to our taste and taste of our customers, sometimes thinking out of the box, not following exactly the deep-rooted methods.

What was the most memorable coffee in your life,
and was there one that you’d like to forget?

For each of us it was a different coffee experience, but as a team we were absolutely blown away by Bali beans samples.
As we didn´t expect very surprising results we were taken by the sweetness of the beans.

There were several moments when we didn’t appreciate the taste of specialty coffee, but nothing in particular stands out.

Recently I read an article called
"Goodbye flavour notes"
Often we are fooled by the flavour notes that appear on the packaging of the coffee.
I personally enjoy trying to find these, but often I find others…
What is your opinion on this?

It is certainly an intriguing discussion.
Like everything, it has its pros and cons.
For people engaged in the coffee world it is surely more alluring to explore individual coffee flavors on their own without being biassed by reading flavor notes set by the coffee producer.
On the other hand, coffee newbies can find it beneficial to learn to identify particular tastes and it can help them understand the coffee better.

All from Brno!
Rebelbean, Jokes Aside coffee, FiftyBeans and now QB coffee.
Who else do you think we need to add to this list?

Well, it is kinda hard to choose, as in Brno you can find quite a lot of amazing coffee spots. As for other roasteries Mitte coffee needs to be pointed out, as for coffee houses, certainly Monogram espresso bar, Industra coffee, Buchta B and C or The Roses coffee&store.

Will you share with us your favorite places in Brno?

Brno has so much to offer, it’s hard to choose a few.
As for nature, it is certainly worth visiting the nature reserve Kamenný vrch, Mariánské údolí or the Brno reservoir.
There are also some interesting architectural and historical sights such as Petrov Cathedral or Spilberk Castle or some of impressive functionalistic villas such as Villa Tugendhat, Villa Stiassni or Villa Löw Beer in Art Nouveau style.
Brno has also great gastronomy scene from beer houses such as U tekutýho chleba or Lucky Bastard, cocktail bars such as Super Panda Circus, restaurants like Kohout na Víně or Element, artisanal bakeries like Klásek and many many others.

coffee bag of QB

HONDURAS – Jerusalen Geisha ⁠
Process: Black honey
⁠Tasting notes: Caramel, peanut butter, orange

"As a roastery we like to maintain very friendly relationships with our coffee farmers, suppliers, customers but also staff. It is crucial for us to create positive vibes around us and Brno is a great place to do so. Not only are the people in the gastronomy sector united and helpful towards one another but also people living here are keen on creating a peaceful community."