I know Jerry from Toronto

Born in Toronto, discovered in Paris, based in Antwerp.

Specialty coffee subscriptions with a touch of art.

Who was in the November box 2021?

Hopefully stay young in Sofia (BG) through the yoghurt, for the second time, we have the pleasure of drinking their coffee in Tallinn (EE), ending up drinking coffee and enjoying art in Leuven (BE) and Brussels (BE).



Jerry loves to go for a run in the Heverlee woods, close to this roastery that has probably been in every coffee subscription.
Known worldwide, Jerry always pops into their coffee bar in Brussels or Leuven to drink this black gold time after time.
Located in the student city of Leuven: Mok Specialty Coffee Roastery.

How did you get into the art of roasting?
I basically bought a coffee roaster (Giesen W6) when I was 21y old and decided to start my own coffee roastery and bar. I did not expect the rabbit hole to be so deep 🙂

Why did you choose specialty coffee instead of beer like most people in Leuven?
To be honest, if I didn’t go for a career in coffee, It would probably have been beer or wine. Together with my girlfriend, I’m opening a wine bar in front of our new roastery in Brussel, so it all comes together in the end 🙂

What are the future plans for Mok?
My only ambition is to keep all our customers happy and try to build the best possible working environment for my team. Apart from that, we are opening a new wine shop/bar in front of our new roastery in Brussels, that’s a new challenge of course.

Can you share a recipe for this coffee with our subscribers?
Instead of trying to communicate recipes, we should really start educating people to understand how to brew and which the most important parameters are. I could just say use 60-70g coffee/l but that should be obvious by now if you are into specialty coffee. Have a look at James Hoffman’s video’s on Youtube for now until we come up with our own content 🙂

Keep an eye on our white label coffees, we are releasing some true bangers!
And…. We are buying a bigger roaster 🙂!”




They say if you want to live longer you should eat Bulgarian yogurt.
Jerry thinks this also applies to Bulgarian coffee.
We shall see…
From the oldest country in Europe, Chucky’s Coffee & Culture Sofia. 

It seems that there are not many specialty coffee roasters in Bulgaria. Can you tell us what the scene is like in Sofia?
The Specialty coffee culture is still in its early days in Bulgaria. Although Chucky’s started in 2014, we are seeing the trend and culture rise in the recent two years. 

Historically Bulgaria hasn’t had a tradition of roasting coffee, besides the fact that drinking coffee dates back to the XVI century. But let’s focus on recent times. 

In the past 7-8 years, Sofia has witnessed many new cafés opening with exceptional coffee. Their audience is a mix of tourists and local coffee lovers, who are becoming very demanding of the quality. The major difference between Sofia and other European capitals is scale. We have fewer places but they are high-end. Most are following international trends, have high-end equipment, and modern methods and techniques of preparing coffee, such as – coffee cup of excellence, anaerobic fermentation, and every other trending option. 

Bulgaria is the land of mountains.
Jerry loves the mountains, will you have coffee in the mountains?
Coffee is so popular in Bulgaria that there’s rarely a place where it’s not served. Of course, higher-quality coffee is still mostly found in major cities. However, we’re too sometimes surprised to find spots in different smaller towns. If you find a hidden gem, please share them with us and the rest of our community.

Where else in the world can we drink Chucky’s coffee?
Everywhere, very soon! Right now we only sell to a handful of boutique cafés internationally but will start shipping worldwide from our online store next year.

Sofia is said to be a top stop, what do you recommend we do here?
First stop – Chucky’s Coffee House, where we’ll guide you to all the places. Our café is located in a very central spot and within walking distance from the most interesting places – food tasting, bars, boutique shops, and historical spots. Of course, we can’t miss saying that you can reach the higher grounds of Vitosha mountain in 20-30 mins by car from us. 

How do you like your coffee?
It depends on the season and mood. Currently, we like a double shot espresso.



Follow the coffee scene in Bulgaria. You can expect many pleasant surprises over the coming years as the scene is developing further.


A magnificent country with a very expansive nature.
Here they are not afraid to try something new.
Estonian food is among the cleanest in Europe, I bet their coffee is too. For the second time, we have the pleasure of drinking their coffee.
Still roasting clean coffee in Tallinn, Kokomo Coffee Roasters.

Your nature is incredible!
Jerry wants to come to Estonia to have coffee in the forest. Where do you drink your coffee?
At home or at KOKOMO Coffee Roasters ☺ It’s always great to grab Aeropress and brew a fresh coffee while in the forest or taking a bog walk.

Estonians are known for taking on new challenges.
Did you hesitate for a long time to start roasting coffee?
Yes, at first we were dreaming of our own cafe where we can brew awesome coffee from other great roasteries. But life had other plans and we ended up buying a roaster first!

Are there plans for Kokomo to start a new adventure?
We have started a sweet adventure with our roastmaster mastering urban beekeeping.

How do you prefer to make coffee?
Our favorite is Chemex, always!

Sollevend & Toim came to bring you one of their prints that they made for Jerry. Is there a connection between art and coffee in your city?
DONT JUDGE ME by duo was a step closer to discovering Jerry.
Tallinn and Estonia generally is artsy and covid period has grown a lot.
So we’re really happy to welcome and show you around.




It seems that Jerry was haunted by this artist for years.
In every town, on every streetlight, there were stickers of him.
Finally, we took the step of talking to him to make something for the boxes.
There is still so much to discover in his works. He loves to make happy colorful psychedelic animations, illustrations, comix and murals. Based in (Brussels/Schaerbeek) but visible all over the world.
Jango Jim has brightened up your box this month!

Why the name Jango Jim?
I realized early on that my Greek surname Sakelaropolus would be a problem if people would try to remember my name or find me online. I needed a catchy artist name. In 2005 I was listening a lot to Belgian jazz musician Django Reinhardt. Loved his music and the way his name sounded. That same year when in Athens, Greece people referred to me as Jim when I said my name was Dimitri. That’s where I figured Jango, without “D” and Jim would work well together.

There are some pretty trippy works in your portfolio.
Where do you keep getting your inspiration?
A lot of coffee every day! And pretty much everywhere. I draw every day, inspired by daily life or things that spark me in museums, exhibitions, things I find online. I love 60s and 70s psychedelic art, vintage toy or candy packaging, pinball machines, outsider art,.. I also actively try to keep my sense of joy and wonder alive by going to unusual places, watching inspiring movies and animations, doing impulsive trips or visiting other artist studios.

It seems that you are also quite a coffee lover?
Where do you like to drink your coffee?
Yes. I think from the age of 8 or so. I usually drink it at home, French press style. Love the daily ritual, the smell, the taste, the cosy feeling of a warm cup in your hands. For me it’s intrinsically connected to drawing. I see myself as a coffee hippie, I enjoy a good hip barista bar coffee, but don’t mind a basic coffee in a local café.

What places do you recommend we visit?
In Brussels: (Schaarbeek) Grafik, illustration gallery/bookshop of my girlfriend. Coffee: Café Winok or Café Colignon. ABC-house: giant library full of kids books (inspiring for adults as well), Brussels Toy Museum, St Catherine area, Alice Gallery, Le Petit Chou fries, Bar Booze & Blues has a working jukebox, Marollen area, Jeux de Balles flea market every day, La Clef Dor for old school simple Belgian café food, Calaveras Mexican art bookshop/gallery, outsider art museum Art et Marges, Mima museum, Wiertz Museum (former studio space of amazing 19th-century painter with
themes as death, heaven, hell ), Flagey area, Horta Museum ( completely designed Art Nouveau house, from doorknobs to floor tiles ). 

You have already had the opportunity to work for well-known brands.
How do they get to you?
Word of mouth I think and just being very active and visible online. It probably also helps that my style is catchy and colorful. 

Are there any artists you think we should keep an eye on?
Yes, way too many. My best buddies Adil El Arbi & Bilall Fallah. They are directing the new Batgirl at the moment and are doing some really cool movies in the future. Buddy Charlotte Dumortier is an amazing Antwerp illustrator. Rhymezlikedymes from Ghent makes epic animations for big artists like Anderson Paak or Dualipa. Dieter Van Der Ougstraete has an insane universe of wacky painted characters. Billy Lilly from Kentucky makes cool paintings and sculptures inspired by pop culture. Illustrator/animator Danny Miller from LA makes deceivingly simple but beautiful fun stuff. Sarah Mazetti from Italy makes amazing illustrations. Leolyxxx from Sweden is one of my favorite animators. 

Follow what makes you feel alive. Hang around with people that help create the best version of you. Never too late to change direction in life and try to pursue what you love doing. If you talk to old people you learn one thing: regret of having not done something is one of the worst feelings. Be kind to yourself and others, have a good life :)!


We sell specialty coffee,
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