august 2022

I know Jerry from Toronto

Born in Toronto, discovered in Paris, based in Antwerp.

Specialty coffee subscriptions with a touch of art.



coffee line up August Parlor, Frukt, The Space
Heusden-Zolder - Belgium


Through illustrations & urban art,Malsagūlo gives a glimpse of what to expect if an alien lifeform would reflect on this blue marble we call Earth.

Hey Malsagūlo, can you briefly introduce yourself?

Hello Jerry, My name is Malsagūlo.
In my day-to-day trying-to-pay-the-rent mode I’m a graphic designer and illustrator.
In a constantly changing world and with all the stuff that’s happening around us all the time, it felt like about high time to share my little reflections on some parts of human interactions.
I wanted to bring my own interpretations of events we all can relate to, but with a wink and a small twist.
Let’s describe my works as a ‘Tableau Vivant’, in the tradition of the late 19th-century theatre and visual arts scene.
It’s a set-up of a bunch of elements that all together create a scene that I like to offer to the public as high-quality limited edition silkscreen prints.

How did you came up with the name Malsagūlo?

Malsagūlo, literally means ‘court jester’.
During the middle ages, kings and emperors had absolute power, nobody would even dare to stand up to them and tell them the truth, for fear of losing their heads.
Only one could say whatever he wanted and had immunity, the court jester.
He was the only one allowed to mock the king and tell him the truth, hold up a mirror and tell him he was doing stuff the wrong way.
He was the only one who could give his honest opinion, but always with a ‘jest’. I try to be a court jester of this day and age, holding up a mirror to us humans with all our little human shortcomings

Your work consists of hundreds of smaller illustrations,
how do you work?

Most of the time I start with a simple basic idea or subject in my head in combination with composition and some main set-up elements.
It’s of course necessary to start with a subject that has enough interesting or even weird elements in itself as a basic idea.
When you see the way some world leaders act these days, it’s not that hard to imagine what kind of stuff would happen if some nice little aliens would land one day.
Or the inspiration for my upcoming silkscreen print came from watching the news, seeing thousands and thousands of people running for trains to end up all squeezed together on a beach in order to ‘relax’.
First I start with setting the basic scene with the bigger elements, and after that, it’s basically a painstaking long and intense work of shuffling and reshuffling smaller ideas and details in order to fit them all together in a consistent ‘Tableau Vivant’.

Jerry loves the combination of coffee & art.
Do you think this is a fitting combination?

In my opinion it’s a perfect combination.
Art has been throughout the ages a way to stimulate us, to confront us or just to brighten up our lives.
One person loves a framed poster copy of a gypsie girl with a tear in one eye, someone else spends a million zillion dollars on a cut-up Banksy, but in my opinion they both serve the same purpose… give joy to people who think these works are important enough for them to give them some space in their homes.
Coffee can have that same intimacy.
It’s that peaceful moment of holding a cup in our hands and enjoying the moment, the same way we can have that moment when we see a piece of art.
That’s why I wanted to create a scene of enjoying coffee in your home on a Sunday afternoon, with a good book at hand and the sun falling through the window.
It’s that cozy feeling of being home, being at your place in your own little world you created.

Like Jerry you love the work with Bert from Afreux for you printing.

When spending so much time on creating a work, it’s very important to me to have it printed in the best way possible. Only the best is good enough.
It was also very important to me the prints are handcrafted.
It gives that extra sort of ‘glow’, it makes every work a little bit unique, with every single print checked, double-checked and basically handmade one color at a time.
The result is absolutely top quality and the interaction with Bert is always open and constructive.
He knows what he’s doing, and it gives confidence in the final result.

Which artist would you like to work with?

That’s a difficult question, there are so many.
I would just love to meet and talk and –if I can dream– work one day with Shepard Fairey.
I love his style of work and love the way he stayed true to his ideals, despite his success.
But I’m also a big fan of the impressive and explosive art of Vhils, love the way Invader has built a strong community around his (basically very simple but visually strong) mosaic art, am a fan of the absolute rebel Damien Hirst, impressed by the collage style of Faile, charmed by the naive paintings of Joachim… and so on and so on 🙂

We love to explore new places, how about yours, Heusden-Zolder?

Zolder is mainly known for its F1 track, and its green surroundings.… but that’s about it.
It’s just a quiet little place, at least as long as there are no F1 supercars chasing each other around.
If you wanna escape the busy city life, take your bike and come over on a Sunday afternoon.
Take a bike ride through nature and end up somewhere under a tree with a nice cold Belgian beer… we love the simple things in life over here.

logo mr malsagulo

August Box
Silkscreen print
5 colors
320×330 mm
Limited edition of:
numbered & signed

"I would like to thank Jerry for the collaboration and the opportunity to share my work on his platform. it’s an honor. Besides that I would like to wish myself a lot of inspiration and would like to ask all humans around me to support that inspiration by keep doing all the silly things they do, don’t hold back. That way the inspiration will never dry up, and that way I can keep shuffling and reshuffling all the human exploits into new scenes and silkscreen prints. Deal? "

Anderlecht - Belgium


Probably the first specialty coffee roaster in Belgium.Located in a town like Borgerhout, not inviting to outsiders but a town full of hidden gems.

Jerry continues to be amazed by the amount of (new)
coffee roasters he discovers in Belgium.
Tell us how Parlor's coffee adventure began.

Parlor Coffee started as a specialty coffee bar in 2012, as one of the firsts in Belgium.
We soon became quite popular and around 1 year later we started to roast our own coffees in the back of the store.

These days you see more experimental processes like
cinnamon-infused beans.
Are there any rules you would not cross in roasting and sourcing coffees?

We like very much a good balance between terroir and classic flavour, so I will always give priority to the more “classic” processes from quality producers.
But I will not deny that I have already tasted some very good experimental new processes.

Where do you see your roasting business in five years?

We will just try to continue delivering superb coffees to our private and wholesale customers, improve ourselves and maybe one day open again a specialty coffee bar concept.

Anderlecht sounds like Borgerhout to me.
Not inviting as an outsider, but probably full of hidden gems.
Would you like to share some with us?

Indeed, Anderlecht is probably very similar to Borgerhout.
Super close to the rest of Brussels and an ideal area to do some bigger production roasts. we are only 5 minutes away from upcoming areas like Forest/Saint-Gilles.

 Any tips for making the "perfect" cup of coffee?

Use good spring water with low mineral content and of course some quality light roasted beans.

If you are not busy with coffee.
What is your pastime then?

In my free time I run a little honey farm together with my teenage son.
We have several beehives in the back of our garden.

coffee bag of Parlor

KENYA – Karimikui AB
Region: Kirinyaga
Altitude: 1650-2000masl
Variety: SL28, SL34, K7, Ruiru11, Batian
Process: Washed
⁠Tasting notes: Black currant, lime, tangerine, rose, honey

coffee bag of Frukt

COLOMBIA – Lizardo Herrera
Region: Palestina, Huila
Altitude: 1630masl
Process: Fed-batch Washed
Variety: Rosado (Pink/Orange Colombia)
Tasting notes: Orange, stone fruits, juicy

Turku - Finland


Now and then we have to bring the Scandinavian coffee to us.This month, one from Turku.Turku is Finland’s oldest city, and it was actually the Finnish capital up until Finland was taken over by Russia in the early 1800s.I love the name and the coffee they make!

How did you learn about coffee roasting?

I started my coffee career at the local roaster Turun Kahvipaahtimo working as a production assistant for a few months before taking over the roasting completely.
This was a steep learning curve for all things coffee.
I think I am pretty well organized and consistent in the ways I work so this was a huge benefit for learning how to handle the roaster, the process of roasting and repeating the same thing all over again constantly.
The hardest part was the cupping table and figuring out how to make the coffee taste better and as good as it could be.
This is of course what I do chase week in and week out still.

How did you start experimenting with coffee brewing?

Before starting my career in coffee I actually had only stumbled upon the whole Specialty Coffee scene.
I had started drinking coffee at the age of 22 and by 24 I was working at the roastery.
In the years in between, I started buying coffee from local and foreign roasters such as Coffee Collective and Koppi and so on.
I did use Mocca pot in the beginning but drifted towards filter brewing with the V60 and Aeropress.

This is our first time in Finland for us.
What is the coffee scene like here?

The coffee scene is very small yet growing I’d say.
Recent years have made the coffee scene more open and approachable with the shared knowledge online and brewing equipment more easily available.
There are a lot of people with grinders at home and even some geeky coffee equipment too.
This wasn’t the case when I started in coffee.
I think the scene has sort of evolved but we do struggle with the lack of Specialty Coffee shops even in the capital of Helsinki. 

I think it would be great if we’d see more independent shops and pop-up concepts.

Do you have a favorite roaster that you would like to recommend?
If so, what makes this roaster stand out?

When I first discovered Specialty Coffee I think the first roaster I came across outside of Finland was the Coffee Collective.
I think in a lot of ways they are sort of the ideal for the Nordic Specialty coffee scene and a huge inspiration on all levels, not only coffee.
In 2017 I had the pleasure of being part of the roasting team in their Copenhagen roastery. It was a huge thing for me for sure.
At the same time though, another roaster I can’t help but mention would be Koppi from Sweden.
Lovely people, lovely coffees and a huge inspiration for me.

Turku? Never heard of this place before.
But we like discovering new places,
so what can we find here?
Street Art, Coffee?,.

Turku is a small university town, but with pretty vibrant art, music and restaurant scene.
We have a beautiful river in the middle of the city and it’s fairly easy to get out of the city and into the Turku Archipelago.
Nature is not far.
Our small roastery is based in the new area built in the old prison closer to the Turku Harbour.
Our neighbors are Craft Brewery Kakola Brewing Company, Restaurant Kakolanruusu and sourdough bakery Bageri Å. Bageri Å is owned by my wife and her friend we did the concept of the coffee shop together and we also retail from their space.

And finally...

tell us about your most unforgettable cup of coffee.

That would be the first light roasted Ethiopian coffee from Hunkute in 2014. That was by waking up for Specialty Coffee.
Floral and Citric and so nice. 

Another unforgettable cup was another washed Ethiopian coffee from Tim Wendelboe, Nano Challa.
Biking home from the Coffee Collective roastery in Copenhagen I got a takeaway cup of Nano Challa filter from now closed Noma Group restaurant 108.
It tasted so amazing in the cold October rain.

"Thanks so much for having us! :)"

Olomouc - Czech Republic


Moving on in the galaxy, we meet a black pug called Cheddar and his owner Viktor.With their coffees, they try to create a second big bang.I think they have already done so!

Jerry loves to meet your team!

Can you shortly introduce The Space Coffee to us?

We are a small group of coffee-loving fools based originally in Brno.
Yeah, Brno but we started at the beginning of the 2022 new chapter in Olomouc, a beautiful and popular small city in the east of the Czech Republic.
At this moment we are a team of one man who manages the whole production and one black pug (called Cheddar).
Viktor the founder, while studying information technology, discovered his passion for coffee. During his studies, he tried to invent various coffee projects.
After a few years spent in the coffee industry and popular cafes in Brno, he decided to establish his own coffee roastery with a space/universe theme.
It was just at the end of 2017.
Since then, he has been trying to roast the best possible coffee and cooperate with the best cafes throughout the whole globe.

When and how did you start liking coffee?

It was during my high school time.
I guess that was 2012 – 2013.
Spending time with my friends in the local café.
Later we had an opportunity to do a barista course.
Here I discover a whole new philosophy behind specialty coffee.

How do you prefer to drink coffee?

I am a simple man. 90% of the time I drink filter coffee.
I prefer using Kalita to prepare.
The coffee is clean, sweet, and easy to do.
I love espresso as well, but I am lazy to clean the mess after, haha, so that is why prefer filter coffee.

What is the one thing that you would miss the most if you could not work in coffee anymore?

Customers and community.
It is maybe sound strange.
However, I love the feeling that people go to their favorite coffee shop and buy one of our coffee boxes.
Every time is amazing to see how they like the design and visual presentation.
Then go home with something that is nice to look at. Start brewing and enjoy it!
And I love the feeling that someone has time and gives me feedback.
Positive or negative it doesn’t matter.
I appreciate the time and chance you give to my product.

Imagine the perfect day in your city.
What would be the best things to do or places you would show your visitors in Olomouc?

Olomouc is a small city. approx. a 100k people live here, but in my opinion, is one of the nicest cities here in the Czech Republic.
Olomouc is a city full of students because of the universities here.
Young and energic city.
It is still growing.
So you can go to the perfect coffee shops, and pubs and if you are tired of it you can just walk around.
The small center is full of gardens and parks so especially in the spring or autumn time it is amazing to watch the scenery.
Also, the architecture could be for someone interesting. If you like Prague you will definitely like Olomouc too.
The whole city is walkable, which I like.
If you plan to visit, the weekend is enough.

Coffee bag of The Space

EL SALVADOR – Finca la Dalia
Producer: Guillen family
Altitude: 1850m – 1900m
Process: Natural, 24hrs. anaerobic fermentation
Variety: Pacamara
⁠Tasting notes: Gooseberry, tangerine and figs

“You know the feeling - the joy of buying something new. The excitement of discovering what lies inside. It is the emotional connection that gives the whole experience a new dimension.” And if you know the Demolition man film: “be well!” :) Viktor and Cheddar the pug!"

july 2022

I know Jerry from Toronto

Born in Toronto, discovered in Paris, based in Antwerp.

Specialty coffee subscriptions with a touch of art.



july's coffee line up randall,napar, kalve
Berchem - Belgium


It looks so real and yet if you look closer you can see the brush strokes.Dead, flesh and hyper-realistic.These contemporary paintings can fascinate me.New to me but not to the world!

Were you enthusiastic about painting from a young age?
Or how did you get started?

As a child I was already very fascinated by observing and drawing.
I always knew that I wanted to go in an artistic direction,
I made the choice for painting when I went to study at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp

Impressive your works!
Up close, your paintings are not as "finely painted" as first thought - and seen from far?

In my work I ask questions about the relationship between photography, reconstruction, painting and interpretation.
A work must be fascinating from ten meters, but also from ten centimeters away.

When you take a closer look, the image falls apart in different marks and brushstrokes;
from a distance, the paintings seem more photo-realistic.

How do you start a painting?
Randomly, or do a lot of pre-studies precede it?
Explain your workflow a little bit if you have one.

Everything starts with collecting objects to process a certain concept into an image.
I will compose and photograph these.
I process the photographic material with an image editing program, make different prints and already research the direction of the colors in my head.
After determining the correct format, a monotone underpainting is made on the canvas.
When it is dry, the actual painting begins.

It seems that there is always death incorporated in your paintings,
is there a reason for this?

Death is an essential part of life,
life is fragile and being reminded of this vulnerability can remind us to live life at the fullest.
Memento Mori versus Carpe Diem.

Have you ever created a work that had anything to do with coffee?

Not yet.

In addition to painting yourself, you also teach.
Can you tell us a bit more about this?

Teaching is a great way to interact with people,
watching them grow and support them as they develop their capabilities.

You have already had exhibitions all over the world.
How do they find their way to you?

One thing leads to another.

You live in Berchem correct?
Are there any places you can recommend to visit?

The Harmonie Park area has become a very nice neighborhood,
we have the  brewery “De Koninck” close to the parc which houses some quality shops, from chocolate to cheese. While further on your way towards the station,
you can find the Groen Kwartier,
a traffic-free neighborhood with a mix of a residential area with new and historic buildings,
a couple of shops, top and more budget restaurants and also an urban farm on the rooftops.

Do you like coffee yourself?

Only recently I started to drink coffee mixed with oatmilk,
a delicious combination if you ask me.

postcard cindy wright

July Box – GARDEN
Digital print
Oil on linen
135 x 200 cm

"Thank you for your attention and enjoy your coffee."

Riga - Latvia


Almost all of this land is covered with green gold.No sh*t Sherlock they don't lie, even though the world's greatest liar - Hieronymus Karl Friedrich Freiherr von Münchhausen was born here.I would have liked to meet him in real life!But we are here for the black gold of Kalve coffee from Riga.

How did you fall in love with coffee?

It took a while. I used to drink cheap coffee during my university studies, when I was living in the dormitory.
Until then I never drank it at all.
For a long time I drank coffee out of habit and never enjoyed the taste of it.
That kept going for years until I finally visited a proper coffee shop and had a latte – which opened my eyes to what coffee can taste like.
Since then it’s been more than love, it’s been like a healthy obsession.
It only took one sip of a really well made drink.

Do you think coffee roasting can be seen as a form of art?

For me, coffee roasting is mostly a practical application. We work with heat transfer, densities, solubility, physical changes within the beans and so on, and we apply know-how to make sure we do it right.
However, there is art in that as well – it turns out that coffee that is roasted beautifully, with steady,
stable roast curves and directional lines that are smooth, and not hectic, ends up being delicious as well.
And each coffee needs an individual approach, with individual profiles.
So there is beauty in practicality.

What is coffee to you?

From a practical perspective – it’s a stimulant, it keeps me focused.
Usually in the mornings, unless the coffee is really bad, I don’t even notice what I’m drinking.
But when I work with coffee, I take a completely different approach.
Then coffee for me is like a galaxy – untapped potential, unexplored opportunities and infinite elements waiting to be found by growing, sourcing, roasting and cupping.

What are your recommendations for storing coffee beans so they stay fresh as long as possible?

If it’s an everyday coffee, just keep it on the counter in its original packaging,
sealed and away from temperature fluctuations and direct sunlight.
If it’s a coffee you want to savor – vacuum pack it in small single batch doses and put it in the freezer, take them out only before prep and brew immediately.

Rivers, wild boar, Eurasian beavers, brown bears and much architecture.
But what should we really come here for?

Come here for the unexplored beauty that hides behind every corner.
We may only have a few grand monuments or buildings to see, but the beauty of our country hides in every nook and cranny.
Explore outside of the city, as we are a people of nature – and we do our best to nourish and preserve it.
We have an ancient culture that hides beyond the borders of the capital, and we encourage everyone to explore it.

Bag of coffee beans of kalve

COLOMBIA – Chapata Estandar
Region: Caldas – Anserma
Altitude: 1800masl
Variety: Castillo
Process: Natural
⁠Tasting notes: Intense, sweet, and boozy, notes of dark cherries, ripe apricots, and dried plums.

"All of us, people of the world, are much more similar than we are different. So let’s appreciate each other for our similarities and respect each other for our differences."

Bag of coffee beans of napar

KENYA – Gakuyu-Ini
Region: Kirinyaga
Altitude: 1572masl
Process: Washed
Variety: SL-28, SL-34, Batian, Ruiru 11
Tasting notes: Tea rose, grapefruit, black currant

Toruń - Poland


One of the seven wonders of Poland.And famous for their gingerbread!It is also called Little Kraków.What is also great about this city: it is full of murals.Combine this with coffee from Napar and your day becomes a perfect one!

How was Napar born?

Michał and Emilia met, fell in love with great coffee and amazing homemade cakes, and months later their first child, Napar coffee shop was born.
One year of existence, one lockdown and many, many calls with Bartek (our humble master roaster) later the idea of a coffee roastery started to emerge.
After many difficult cuppings, coffee roaster setups, roasting curve profiling, design and supply chain battles in january 2022 roastery had its debut.
The rest is history, as they say.

What makes Napar Coffee different from other coffee?

We deeply care about making our coffees the most approachable – we start by selecting beans, which result in a complex, yet smooth and sweet cup of coffee, and we roast them the we believe lets the coffee thrive, no matter if it’s being brewed in coffee shop, or at home.

Do you think coffee roasting can be seen as a form of art?

But we believe it’s very important to have our artistic tools in check,
so we can express our art the way we would love to 🙂

What is coffee to you?

A craft, a journey of non stop exploration, growth and fun.

In your city, there are many walls covered with street art.
Are there many events organised here?

Street art can be found in many spots in Toruń – either organised or more spontaneous.
One can find a few in between streets of Old Town (f.e. Super Mario themed graffiti).
There are many blocks of flats, which walls are covered in murals.
Mostly they are local themed murals (historical figures, ecology, astronomy, architecture of Toruń), or lifestyle (cycling, partying, street life).

How would you describe the coffee scene in Toruń?

Very consistent, thriving, and constantly growing.
Creative and caring about great customer experience.

Do you think there is a link between coffee and art?

Design, style, music, passion, expression, emotions, and sooo many others are both part of coffee culture and art. And the most important link between both is a human being, that bridges, creates and enjoys both worlds, that are constantly overlapping.
And don’t forget about latte-art ofc 😉

"Eat your vitamins, remember to call your mom, support your local caffeine dealers and be gentle to other beings :)"

Madrid - Spain


According to legend, the original name of this town was "Ursaria", a reference to the large number of bears that once lived in the area.If you are looking for a vitamin D or a caffeine shot, we recommend you come here.Not only green oases in abandoned railway stations but there are surprises around every corner, like Randall coffee

Through what experience did you first become interested in coffee?

I heard about specialty coffee and micro-roasters in a non-romantic way,
reading a business book (as I was interested in starting up something) and the experience of the author starting off in business where he micro-roasted coffee helped me discover the specialty coffee scene in US,
northern Europe and the UK, where I’m from originally.

Do you think coffee roasting can be seen as a form of art?

Yes I do,
In the same way cooking can be considered art, you can express yourself through the process and give the coffee the flavors and characteristics that you want it to have, although it all has to come from a good raw material, quality specialty coffee.

What is coffee to you?

Coffee is something that gives me comfort for its smell and daily routine aspect but also excites me with its very diverse flavors and ways to prepare it.
Also on a more profound note it has made me able to earn a living on my own terms and with something I enjoy being part of.

The quest for art and coffee keeps going for Jerry.
Can you recommend some places in Madrid where we can find them?

Madrid has had a huge explosion of coffee shops in the last few years,
but some awesome places with our coffee are Novo Mundo, Frutas Prohibidas, Ruda café and Pastora to name a few…
and I also will mention some of the best and first coffee shops in Madrid like Hanso Café, Hola Coffee, Monkee Koffee and Toma Café.

Outside of coffee, what are your interests?

The business and a family with two kids take up most of my time but I enjoy music, travel, watching movies and staying fit.
Scuba diving, snowboarding or hardcore/punk shows were a bit more of my wild kid-less days!

Your coat of arms is truly unique,
A bear reaching for a strawberry tree.
Do you think this has something to do with your super delicious coffee? :-)

Well really it is a madroño tree, arbutus I think it is in english…
like a rough-to-the-touch cherry… so,
yes, it seems to be very similar to a coffee tree and the bear reaching out to get his fix.

Bag of coffee beans of randall

Guatemala – Piedra Azul
Region: Huehuetenango
Altitude: 1850m – 1900m
Process: Washed
Variety: Caturra and Bourbón
⁠Tasting notes: Raspberry and plum flavors and a clean sweetness and oily body. Very balanced medium acidity and an aftertaste of black tea

"Thanks for the opportunity to reach out to other coffee enthusiasts a bit further away from where we normally attend, and we always love to see the common ground that speciality coffee opens to people from all around the world, all sharing our interest in good coffee."

june 2022

I know Jerry from Toronto

Born in Toronto, discovered in Paris, based in Antwerp.

Specialty coffee subscriptions with a touch of art.



Line up June Box 2022
Tübingen - Germany


BREW was written out of necessity,to clearly explain the basics of brewing coffeein a technical and informative way that canbe easily applied into practice.The approach is rooted deeply in the processof analysis through tasting and using mindfully chosen tools.From ‘What?’ to ‘Why?’ to ‘How?’ it aims to bring more clarity,and elevate your skills.

Mikolaj Pociecha Brew book

June Box – BREW
Author: Mikolaj Pociecha
Design: Zweifel
Publisher: Suedhang
Binding: Hardcover, cloth binding
Dimensions: 95×150 mm, 72 pages
Language: English

"The format and design, although beautiful are very functional. BREW in it's essence is very simple, practical and honest."

Tübingen - Germany


Never been or heard of this place before!But while drinking coffee and enjoying the book that came with it.Jerry realized that he should definitely investigate this place.We will start at the beginning, getting familiar with the roaster and the artist.Iconic bridges, rivers and botanical gardens we find here in Tübingen Germany.

We are so happy to have you in our box this month,
your coffee and your book!
Can you tell us some more of the book?

At SUEDHANG, we are fortunate to have many passionate people on our staff,
like our head barista and roaster Mikolaj Pociecha.
He said that he wrote ​​BREW out of necessity,
to clearly explain the basics of brewing coffee in a technical and informative way that can be easily applied into practice.
His  approach is rooted deeply in the process of analysis through tasting and using mindfully chosen tools.

Who made the illustrations in the book?

Again a stroke of luck that we could win Simon Wahlers for us.
He (see is responsible for our entire design and gives our coffee and our company a unique puristic face.

Germany is best known for its coffee in Berlin.
How did you start roasting in Tübingen?

We fought our way through a jungle of bureaucratic rules and hurdles until we got the permit.
After all, we roast in a heritage-protected medieval town.
We have started up roasting at the beginning of the first Corona lockdown.

Where did you learn the art of roasting?

Robin learned roasting at Elbbold in Hamburg.
He introduced Mik and Anna to roasting here in Tübingen.
In the meantime, we exchange ideas and concepts about the roasting craft with other roasters as Elbgold, Hoppenworth & Ploch, and Daniel Hobart.
So that we keep on learning.

Coffee and art it looks like it works for Suedhang,
what do you think about this combination?

Yes. In a way, both are unnecessary.
You don’t need art or coffee.
But that’s not true either.
As humans, we need places of devotion, tranquility, wonder and contemplation.
Thus, we hope that we can make a – one could say a meditative – contribution.

If someone were to go to Tübingen,
what are the hidden jewels in your area?

A boat trip on the young Neckar. With a gondolier.
Venice doesn’t stand a chance.

if you could invite one person for a coffee who would it be and why?

Ursula van der Leyen.
I would like to talk to her about why the EU is so unambitious when it comes to climate protection and how we can achieve more impact here.

Bag of coffee beans of Suedhang Kaffee

ECUADOR – Chakra Warmi
Region: Loreto, Orellana
Altitude: 350-550masl
Variety: Napo Payamino
Process: Low-oxygen fermentation
⁠Tasting notes: Passion fruit, mango, caramel

"Here’s my favourite quote by Dave Eggers. It applies to all what you do: “You won’t be disappointed unless you are usually disappointed in which case this will be yet another disappointment."

Bag of coffee beans of Goriffee

COLOMBIA – Arley Calderon
Region: Huila
Altitude: 2000masl
Process: Honey
Variety: Pink Bourbon
Tasting notes: Raspberry, cloves, lemon

Bratislava - Slovakia


In the beginning, we were afraid of not finding enough roasters and would put each one in the box twice a year.Now we are happy to welcome the occasional old friend.They are multi-artists and have given us a lot of good advice.For the second time, we welcome Goriffee from Bratislava.

We are pleased that Goriffee is back in the box this month!
For our new subscribers, please introduce yourselves briefly.

We´re glad to be back as well!

We are a coffee roastery based in Bratislava, Slovakia with one cafe also in Bratislava.
We focus on giving our customers the best product by
constant green coffee selection and focusing on getting
the best out of our coffees by roasting and quality control.

Looking back, what would you like to know or do when you started roasting coffee?

Would find a larger space for the roastery and know that it is mostly the coffee itself that makes coffee good.

What do you think is the major misconception about specialty coffee?

The fresher roast the better.

Jerry loves the t-shirt design Martina Pauková created for Goriffee.
He wears it alot ;-).
Do you have any other artists that you have collaborated with?

The  other desings are made by Peter Škrovan and Michal Sumichrast 🙂

The gorilla in your logo, what does it stand for?

As we started with coffees directly from Rwanda and had connections to Rwanda we decided to make it our signature and that’s how our name was created.

"I would like to thank you for the opportunity to present ourselves and wish you all the  best. To your customers: Hope you'll enjoy and appreciate every cup of  specialty coffee. I use to say it is not only about coffee but also about where, when and with whom you drink it :) "

Jílové u Prahy - Czech Republic


People came here to look for gold.But Jerry found something even better.... black gold!A town in the West Prague district of the Czech Republic.The owners of this roastery have won many competitions.We liked the coffee AND the dog-artwork on their bags.We hope you do too!

You already have a long history in the coffee business,
but why did you start your own roastery?

It is Scott Rao’s fault 😀 And it was kind of the next step for us,
we did a lot of competing, judging,
we both had a coffee shop and now we do barista trainings.
And this was another missing piece of a puzzle,
we wanted to learn something new,
and Scott offered his help and taught us how to roast.

I hear you have a special security team guarding your roastery?
Is this true?

We do! We have two small (but loud) and cute sausage dogs, Jenny and Mája.
You cannot enter the roastery without their allowance.
You can also find them on our packaging.

What is your favorite coffee origin?

Me (Petra) like natural Etiopians, and lately natural and washed Colombians.
Gwilym prefers washed Ethiopians.
But it also depends on the time of the year.
At this moment we have some delicious Costa Ricans, Rwandan…

You have participated in and won many competitions.
Are you still competing?

Because of the whole covid time we stopped traveling and we do not judge and compete anymore.
Also we are busy with the roastery and the classes,
and there is no more free time to do so.
Maybe again in the future.

Who comes up with the graphics of the dogs on your bags?

We have a graphic boy from Brno who did the basic idea,
and we are adding more and more with the limited edition
such as Naughty Unicorn, Spring, Summer editions.

We already know many things to visit in Prague,
but what in your neighborhood?

Our town was famous in the middle ages,
there were a lot of gold mines.
You can visit a few, we also have an amazing restaurant called Florian – they cook very good Czech meals and the place looks a bit like from the Game of thrones.

Bag of coffee beans of the Naughty Dog

COSTA RICA – Alma Negra
Region: Sabanilla de Alajuela
Process: Natural
Variety: Caturra
⁠Tasting notes: Nutella, raisins, rum, black cherries

"We are very happy to be part of your subscription! It is for the first time our coffee will be sent to Belgium! "

april 2022

I know Jerry from Toronto

Born in Toronto, discovered in Paris, based in Antwerp.

Specialty coffee subscriptions with a touch of art.



April box line up coffee bag of Bean Up, Placid and Warda
Brasschaat - Belgium


Both were born in a small village behind the rainbow.Always handcrafting, drawing and creating.From these hands was formed the face of Jerry.And now they are going even more magical!Especially to celebrate International Unicorn Day,they made a print full of ,yes unicorns!

Hello Fleur & Roselien.
Would you like to introduce yourselves briefly?

F: My name is Fleur.
I am 9 years old and I like to be creative. 

R: I am Roselien and I am 6 years old.
Every day I am drawing or doing crafts because I love to do that.

Apart from handcrafting, drawing and creating,
what else do you like to do?

F: I play the piano, do gymnastics and go to the chiro.
I like playing outside a lot and watching a good film once in a while. 

R: I go to the music school, gymnastics and the chiro.
I like to jump on the trampoline outside,
play in the mud kitchen and watch a film.

When you are grown up,
what do you want to be?

F: Later I want to become an artist/cartoonist. 

R: I don’t know yet. Maybe a vet because I like animals
and taking care of them.

Where do you think the unicorns come from?

R+F: Wonderland! A magical colorful happy place.
Festive and where the sun always shines.
Full of flowers and clear blue water.
In a castle on the rainbow where they eat cupcakes.

If you were a unicorn for one day,
what would you do?

F+R: Sliding down the rainbow, going to Paris to fly around the Eiffel Tower.
Going on adventures,
taking naps on pink sheep clouds,
eating rainbow cupcakes. 

Are you going to be big coffee drinkers like Jerry when you grow up?
or are you already secretly drinking coffee?

F: I don’t think so, I haven’t tasted it yet.
I’d rather drink plain water now. 

R: I don’t like the smell of coffee so I don’t think so.
I certainly haven’t tasted it yet,
I’d rather drink a cup of tea. 

Risograph of Fleur and Roslien

April box – Unicorns
Medium: 4 color Riso print
Specs: A3 (297x420mm), unframed
Edition: limited 35 (signed & numbered)⁠
250gr white paper⁠

"Happy unicorn day!  Bring a little colour into your life every day"

Kisvárda - Hungary


Turned from a village into a city.A nice quiet town but to be honest,Jerry doesn't know much about Kisvárda in Hungary.What he does know is that Warda rules the coffee scene here!.

When did you discover that roasting coffee was your calling?

My wife and I lived in Dublin for a few years and I fell in love with specialty coffee there.
After we moved back home it was clear that I will continue my life in the coffee business.
And then Warda was born in 2017.

What does the name Warda mean?

Warda was the name of Kisvárda in the Middle Ages.

Kisvárda is close to the Ukrainian border.
Has it changed much in the last few months?

The town didn’t change.
The people did.
We never saw so many people come together to help.
It was/is a very hard time and we are trying to support the charity work as much as we could.

Jerry is curious about your city, tell us about it.

Kisvárda is a small town but we have lots of things going on here and nearby.
The area is developing.
We have a beautiful castle that is under renovation.
It will be amazing when it reopened.
There is a Museum about local history and folklore.
We have a great soccer team and a big stadium, women and men handball team, super thermal water, water park and a Theater Festival in the Summer.
Oh and a cool coffee roastery.

We have already welcomed some roasters from Hungary.
But it is difficult to find them and to make contact with them.
How can Jerry do this best?

I think you can find them on social networks.

Are there any that you can recommend?

Cracker Jack, Awaken, Impresso.

coffee bag of Warda

ETHIOPIA – Duromina
Region: Jimma, Oromia, Duromina farmers coop
Altitude: 1950 – 2050masl
Variety: Heirloom
Process: Washed
⁠Tasting notes: Red berries, stone fruits, tea and chocolate

“It is so amazing to be part of your monthly subscription. It means a lot to us. Many thanks for giving us the opportunity. 

coffee bag of Bean Up

Region: Gakenke, Northern Rwanda
Altitude: 1600 – 2000masl
Process: Fully washed
Variety: Red Bourbon
Tasting notes: Tangerine, orange jam, honey, cane sugar and vanilla

Nitra - Slovakia


Located at the foot of Zobor Mountain in the valley of the river Nitra.Did you say mountains? Weehoo!And great coffee and street art too.Jerry must go there!Be up with Bean Up coffee.

Nitra sounds like a great place to live and work?
How did you end up here with your roastery?

I have lived there for more than 20 years now.
I have worked in IT for 17 years and need a big change.
I enjoyed the coffee and want to try to roast it too.

To be honest, Jerry ended up at Bean Up by accident.
In which places can we find you?

You can find me in the center of the town in a small passage,
it’s better to tell the people it’s in the passage next to Hami Papi or Spajza 🙂

Do you ever listen to music while roasting?
If so, what is your favorite tune?

While roasting the only music is the sound of rolling coffee beans in the roaster drum 🙂
But after the roasting I listen to trance music and I have a lot of favorite tunes,
so I am not able to pick just one.

Where do you like to drink your coffee?
In the mountains or somewhere else?

In my work 🙂
But also at home with breakfast and in cafes where somebody else does it instead of me.

What brewing technique do you prefer?
And why?

Hario V60 because it’s easiest and Aeropress because I can play a lot with it.

"Enjoy your life and love a lot, really a lot."

Lyon - France


A lively and energetic city, one with textures for its many faces, and regularly considered one of the most beautiful cities in France.They say that the 'Holy Grail' has been here.Jerry thinks he tasted it in his bag while cupping.He has never had such good coffee roasted in France…

Can you introduce us to the team that roasts this 'holy grail’ coffee?

Placid Roasters is Julien,
a French-Brazilian coffee enthusiast,
a former architect who arrived in the coffee business in 2012,
finding it fascinating to work with his senses.
He discovered specialty coffee in Strasbourg during his studies, at Café Bretelles,
and then at Mokxa in Lyon.

He created Placid Roasters in 2016 to express his vision of specialty coffee through his company.
Later, Julien joined forces with Margot, a former pastry chef,
who shared his desire to work with her senses. 

Placid Roasters reflects a desire to enlighten people about specialty coffee,
its production and roasting methods.
Moreover, Placid Roasters is concerned with the quality of its products:
it adapts to the seasonality of the harvests and thus proposes a restricted but quality range of coffee.

Based in Lyon, Jerry really likes this city.
It has so many things to tell.
Can you share with us the craziest story you know about Lyon?

There are soooo many legends and stories about this city. It’s really hard to pick one. We could talk about the Holy Grail, the meaning of the Y of Lyon, the power of the Virgin Mary stopping the plague at the city’s doors, the buried and hidden golden Chist’s head that inspired the name of the famous park “Tête d’Or”, the aliens landing on the Place Bellecour, …

Someone once told me that there was a crocodile in the Rhone?
Is it still there?

The legend says that in 1745, a crocodile escaped from a ship in the port of Marseille and managed to travel up the Rhône to Lyon.
Installed under an arch of the Guillotière bridge, it regularly capsized boats to eat the passengers.
Two people sentenced to death offered to kill the beast in exchange for their acquittal.
They succeeded by blinding it with sand and beating it with a spear.
The stuffed crocodile in the Hospices Civil de Lyon Museum is said to refer to this historical anecdote.

So there may have been a crocodile in the Rhône but it’s definitely not there anymore.
Anyway, nobody has been eaten by a mysterious animal lately.

Jerry had to skip the coffee festival in Amsterdam and London this year.
Were you there?
Did you see many new interesting things?


Unfortunately, we couldn’t be there either.
But Julien was a judge at the French roasting championships at the Paris coffee festival in September, and we’ll have a small stand for the 2022 edition.
It’s always a pleasure to meet with all the actors of the specialty coffee scene.

Lyon really has a lot to offer,
but what about the coffee scene here?

Well, it’s getting more and more interesting, but it’s still not Berlin, Copenhagen, London or even Paris.
People here are still discovering what specialty coffee is.
Restaurants and coffee shops are getting there, choosing their coffees just like they would choose a wine.
Customers are curious, but not everybody is ready to give up their old habits.
There’s still a long way to go.

Which of the French roasters should we taste?

We really like KB and Stephane Cataldi
(also roasting for Hexagone).

coffee bag of Placid

COSTA RICA – Don Eli Valverde
Region: Tarrazú, El Llano De La Piedra, San Marcos
Altitude: 1500 – 2000m
Process: Natural⁠
Variety: Catuai, Caturra
Tasting notes: Jasmine, honey, caramel, creamy and juicy body

"We are very happy that you can discover our coffee. We are even more thrilled that you’re gonna  try the Costa Rican Don Eli Valverde. We have worked directly with Carlos Montero and his family since 2018. Julien had the chance to visit their farm and see how they work. He takes care of the soils like nobody, he is always experimenting to reach better coffees, better work conditions, better harvests.We hope you’ll enjoy it."